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Business Brokerage Opportunities
There are now over 17 million privately held businesses in the United States. About 20% of these businesses are for sale at any one time for various reasons such as retirement, poor health, and divorce. As a business broker, you would be in the fortunate position of helping these business owners list and sell their businesses for a fee.

With our training program, our brokers become quite experienced and comfortable with the entire process of buying and selling a business. This experience is valuable to an owner seeking to sell their business, especially in addressing their concerns about price, negotiations and confidentiality. Sellers need not worry about such concerns when they use the services of business brokers.

Currently, the state of the market is incredibly advantageous for our company because there are very few Business Brokerage firms with over 30 years experience. With the tremendous number of businesses for sale throughout the country now, and large businesses downsizing, thousands of potential small business buyers are flooding the market. With a historically high failure rate of new business start-ups, people realize that purchasing an existing business is a safer way of securing their future. With such amazing opportunity for business brokerage, our brokers enjoy great success in procuring the sale of many businesses.

Our brokers come from all backgrounds and experiences. In most states, a real estate license is not required to be a business broker. If you have the interest and the willingness to work hard and succeed, we can train you to be a successful business broker. The need for honest, hard working, knowledgeable and professional business brokers has never been greater.

Real Estate Brokerage Opportunities
Manheim Realty, Inc., our parent company, is a full service Real Estate Brokerage firm that has opportunities for Real Estate Brokers also. Long Island Business News has named Manheim Realty, Inc. the "Largest Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Firm in Long Island." If you have the interest and the willingness to work hard and succeed, we can train you to be a successful real estate broker.

Manheim Realty, Inc. sales associates are highly trained professionals that have many unique tools at their disposal to make customers happy and make dreams come true. Learn how to experience financial success by joining our team.

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